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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fast Day 393 December 27 2014 Wint'ry Cathedral

Wint'ry Cathedral

Far away houses hidden under the trees,
which form gothic vaults of choir, apse, and nave
above them, and which support the snow facade;
wint'ry cathedral !


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fast Day 375 August 23 2014 Lonely Roads

 Lonely Roads

sadness falls like confetti; obscures the road:
where we wept so much; there's hardly a tear now:
I have grown weary; overcome with life:
a smell! taste! O, smile!


sapphics writ 11/11/11/5 syllables with a break in each line between clauses.

Fast Day 374 August 16 2014 Christmas Flood

Christmas Flood

The front door is a gentle rain to its friends,
readily fills the dining room reserve,
while busy cooks swell aromatic rivers;
mill dams of desires!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fast Day 373 August 9 2014 Lilies


When lilies of the field are pressed between the good book's pages, in sweet Lord Jesus' raiment dressed, their seeds endure for ages!
refrain   God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

The wheat upon the open plain, stretch forth their heads to pray; costume themselves in diamond rain, and their winnow fan array.  
refrain God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

 Currents of the His saving waters, sweep in the ebb and flow; they bring a saving grace to me, and to the flowers to grow.    
refrain God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

See me at the harvest,
see me at the bee;
lay me up in in bundled straw,
yearning to be free!
And when the harvest's over,
and no more stalks to scythe,
buy some time with lemonade,
and we shall be alive!


From my other blog.

This was written in tribute to Fanny Crosby. Her hymns are much better than this crude attempt, but she was a better religious person than me, too. The form is odd; at the end it jumps into a new meter...everything. I thought it a fault, but it is a metaphor for the time when everything will change.

At the end "buy some time with lemonade..." may seem incongruous, to you as well to me, but it just was a picture of those who had passed were sheaves of wheat, cut down and laid up, in a barn or in the fields, where they wait - in barns where the late afternoon sun experiments with cracks and breaks in the carbolineum wall boards, and lights the dusty interior -

and the harvesters take a lemonade break...
and by the time they wipe their lips dry, we shall have been re-born.
Obviously, I require a songwriter to go with these lyrics.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fast Day 372 August 2 2014 Citizens United

Citizens United

Modern day Terminator!
 Hawking fears A.I.
The Imperial Memorial of 1958 -
when Sarah Connor was born -
spoke of the need for virtue confronted
by non-humans riding motorcycles...
and nude-crashing into biker bars!
and the right to voice your opinion
in a letter with a 3 cent stamp!
 3 cents ignores the human costs involved;
the corporate voice:
a CONELRAD siren;
pierces the silent holy night,
and grabs and pulls at
Christina's human legs!
desperate for home!

FastDay 371 July 26 2014 Fishtown

Leland, Michigan


A cosmic perspective I have none:
through a Beatrix Potter countryside
I drove north to Leland
in the Leelanau
for the July wide five K run.

To Heaven's pawn shops do I go,
to find duplicates of the textile arts;
and wander in antique stores
in the old Fishtown
for embroidered hearts I can not sew.

Lake Michigan has a trillion eyes
and reflects each star a million-fold;
flying images of fire lanterns,
burning like desire!
a new persona bold I'll try on for size!


finally picking up the pace again after selling mother's house and moving her and my brother's funeral.

so, the rhyme is

a,b,c,a  [L2:b ---> L5:x]

which means the final syllable, b, of the second line shows up somewhere (x = unknown) in the middle of the last line, also.
It's just a toy to play with.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fast Day 370 July 19 2014 Desert Memories: Aswan

Desert Memories: Aswan

The days when they are held
give their names to the markets -
the suqūq surrounding
at several oases around
this lake made by artifice.

Six napoleons was the price
of horses on that Monday;
sit among the palms,
smoke the censing shishas-
the life of our dream.

suqūq         markets

shishas      Egyptian hookah

Fast Day 369 July 12 2014

Winnecke's comet comes around now and then,
a periodical portent of mischiefs
and monstrous births
and discords among the works of men.

It is a sign upon my heraldry,
along with a Canterbury pilgrim,
counting his beads,
in a russet Franciscan jersey.

And the Virgin Mary left-standing,
with cormorant or albatross
over my ship:
Life need not be disappointing

Is the motto there inscribed on the bow,
bone-cruncher and wave-breaker
save our souls!
and heed our diego pilgrimage!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Fast Day 368 July 5 2014 Water Is Jade

Water Is Jade

Water is jade;
it's carved like flint,
diffuse and aqueous -
so when I hydrate, like,
when I drink water and nothing but...
when I fast
and eat nothing but the ocean sea...
I kick start my Indian motorcycle
of divinity,
truly if the divine were but
a shark,
a skate,
or a Mocha Dick will-o-wisp
that pulls us on - the Ahabs,
the Jonahs living on streets,
in the belly of the beast.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fast Day 367 June 28 2014 World War E

World War E

A call to violence flies the wind,
and wakes the sleeping horde;
display butterflies unpinned,
resurrected from their board!

Crack!  The specimen window glass
like a stone back rolled;
life and death in stark contrast,
command as quisling lord!

The rumor’d wars, the pandemics
us to their bidding bind;
we cannot run, we cannot mix,
as the civil knots unwind!


(on hearing of President Obama's Plan to combat Ebola.  9/17)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fast Day 366 June 21 2014 No Victory But Of Love!

No Victory But Of Love!

when Isis was but the name of goddess love,
Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar –
the city walls were virgin pearl,
and books were ivory.

our love grew like the kudzu of desire,
beneath the bright scratches of shooting stars!
the bed sheets were magician’s charms,
our eyes were like gazelles.

now in a world seduced by war and disease,
the over-ripe perfumes of ghosts!
we can yet bear witness:
no victory but of love!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fast Day 365 June 14 2014 Going To Work In Ophelia's Limo

Going To Work In Ophelia's Limo

absinthe dawn greenly drawn and filtered
through the corrosion of copper lips
above Ophelia’s wedding gown,
open in the back and revealing
a copulation of tattoos.


up to meet the morning sun again,
and forget the troubling dreams of night!
a clear and sunny day does dawn,
and we will drive our gas-driven tombs
in funereal traffic jams

like a waiting queue of mummies to be,
in air conditioned chariots outside
the reliquaries of Giza:
we sit, we brake, we pull together;
sometimes we write a story

in our dreamy heads, filled with sweet
Apocalypse preserves from childhood...
we used to, like, believe world's end
to break this mechanical chaplet
of endless and continuous transport!



pix:  Ophelia:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fast Day 364 June 7 2014 Circus Comes To Town

Circus Comes To Town

my mother name, she was Dorothea
and her sister was Praxides,
and my father no one know,
or maybe it was Eber Durham who
owned the bee gums down the road.
I had no name
an I don’t want none

This is the time of uproars and clashes –
and the circus comes to town,
and there’s an elephant I don’t wanna see!
the fights of roustabouts and clowns!
Don' wanna see!
Don' wanna see!
after I die shall I live
in a marble kenoptaph eye
and everything I'll see.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Fast Day 363 May 31 2014 Heaviness


When did my body become hotel furniture?
luggage, baggage, backpacks slightly mildewed?
My life is my neighbor's futon,
uncertain washed,
scrofulous of lint,
balustrades ungainly, heavy, hippo legs.

The air tastes like a cardboard menu from Baja Fresh,
combining spice and chilies with cellulose.
Sun round as gramma's ottoman,
old cockaigne quilts
with preposterous scenes:
calico cats and polyester dogs pant!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fast Day 362 May 24 2014 Economy Of Nuptials

Economy Of Nuptials

"We are to be re-branded..., " they said, faces shining.
"... although Sheila will keep her fam'ly name,
and I may hyphenate... "

This is how our son, John, informed us of marriage
upcoming, and they showed us the logo
designed for wedding rings.

Bespoke intertwine of vines and doves,
sun blossoms forged in gold,
the only gold,
the only bow to tradition,
the only touch of the past
from these Magi who refuse to
dismount their camels,
and leave their gifts
no need for gifts...

They did not register on-line, for there is a need,
for seed and venture capital,
this now their IPO...

entrepreneurs of a child, whose name was chosen
by putting her in the middle
of woven geometry,

parents at opposite ends... the family name
to be that of the parent to whom
that baby chose to crawl...

"Carpet kabbala!" I contemned upon hearing it;
"Shhh," she said, finger to my lips,
"Be not so bearish!"


The baby was placed in the middle of an oriental carpet, and the name became that of the parent to which the baby crawled.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fast Day 361 May 17 2014 Winds



Love is jasmine upon the wind,
lemon on the wind,
rosemary, orange-blossom;
love is sandalwood,
musky is the breeze.

Hunger is garlic on the wind,
lemon-grass breathe;
barbeque satiety;
hunger evanesce
into sweet clover.

Sleep is morphine pepper pollen,
blown on the wind
in the spring, in summer;
sleep is peppercorns,
and the film noir.

Religion is Queen's Anne's Lace,
breathing through the spaces:
white and indigo tzittzit;
religion is hyacinth
and the pheasant's eye!

Politics is tornado street,
the eye of hurricane,
sleet of ignorance;
hooded aconite.

All these perfumes anoint the wind,
wind four-cornered;
the same everywhere and place,
yet so different!
We are all Wind Riders!



tzittzit   =  the tasseled edge of the Jewish prayer shawl.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fast Day 368 July 5 2014 Михаил кочевник (Michael the Nomad)


Михаил кочевник
Michael the Nomad

when did you get home?
and did the ocean roar?

did you see your pals again
at the Georgian shore?

did you look into a store,
did you hold your child high?

and why was he a kid again,
and why was I a sigh?

do you trek a thousand miles?
and when did you get home?

is there a feast to welcome you?
and presents, sweets, a poem?

i have already been there...
i shall not go again.
go and find your future
and sometimes i will send

an email of christmas time,
easter email too,
picnics, woods, and running twain
for life will ne'er run true...


birthday poem
reworked from an earlier form.

"Georgian shore" -  Georgia in the Caucasus, not the US State of Georgia

Fast Day 360 May 10 2014 Jobby Nooner

Jobby Nooner

Young girls fill the trees,
climbing and sensuous kites,
forgetting their mothers for a while;
and foreplay falls down
like willow trees that seek
the slap of water.

Young boys' sea-weed hair,
tosses in the rhythmic deep,
sleeping like fathers for a while;
and excitement looms
like heavy flotsam driftwood
cruising on water.

Wake in the present!
Boys and girls together strand
themselves upon the time sands of today;
jetsam from delight,
beer bottles and broken glass:
watch where you step!


Jobby Nooner has to be Googled. It takes place where my family used to go swimming every weekend. That was many years before the Girls Gone Wild times.

Fast Day 359 May 3 2014 Island Morning

Island Morning

I sit alone in sobriety.
Today fills my coffee cup
to the brim and overflowing;
Leaves on the river
flow like boats to foreign lands,
and cottonwood seeds
fill the window screens,
brighter looms of my youth!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Fast Day 358 April 26 2014 Iron Market In Haiti

Iron Market in Haiti

"As far from heaven as Haiti", the saying goes.
Yet all around the Iron Market in
Port-au-Prince finds Piere Barra, scultptor,
lace, straw, steel, plastic;  forlorn objects lost;
sometime thrown away by the Maîtres,
Masters of consumption,
who ejected them from Eden.

Dentelle, plastique, des épingles, coraux,
os, bois, ivoire, et noyaux.


translation last 2 lines:
lace, plastic, pins, coral
bone, wood, ivory, and nuts.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fast Day 357 April 19 2014 Dharma Dantò

The Veve (Sign) Of Ezili Dantò

Dharma Dantò

comb your hair
pull it up
and tie it with a colored cloth!

take a spoon
filled with rice
and pass it by your white, white teeth!

come to me,
and fill me with your husky breath!

ignorant of dharma,
what am I but a sailor
of your body's sea...

ignorant of buddha,
I am but a thief
of cinnamon and cocoa...
and maybe plantains, dates,
sweet mustard, fennel, and sweet potatoes, too!

Black Madonna as Ezili Dantò


The Revolution which created the nation of Haiti was inspired by the divine decree of the warrior love goddess known as Ezili Dantò who danced in the head of the great Haitian priestess, Cecile Fatiman, on that famous Haitian night in 1791, on a red hilltop, at a forest thicket in Haiti called Bwa Kayiman.

Fast Day 356 April 12 2014 The Big Fallujah

 Wild Hemp

The Big Fallujah

Marijuana is too easy
grows wild!
the slut of cancun
the whore of Babylon, and
the bitch of the Midwest drive-in movies'
snack-bar cantina where
we get ourselves a hit;
no one has respect
for a gift that comes so easy and
whose mystic pizzaz is trifling to uncover

opium is her sister,
you cut her, she bleeds fruity opaline opacity!

Booze is a real he-man’s buzz
takes sweat!
the farmers’ harvest,
copper kettle, and mashing tub,
a half hogshead for the manufactury:
small beer and the fat ale,
grinding malt and barley;
building the fire,
boiling, cooking, and adding
magic yeast to leaven life:
and burying in barrels;
industrial and assembly lines bev’rages
the fill the world with froth.

vodka is a skinny sister
who has a Broadway agent front for her!

Crack cocaine chemistry -
leaderboard! -
is the iPod high:
designed for restoration hardware,
precious gentrification of the crystal shell
that is the bold promise,
body shaved pinky swear,
and star of TV
Breaking Bad the sequel:
sound and fury hidden within
a mophie Juice Pack Air...

a sweet oblivion
and ending to
almost hundred years,
which began with Prohibition,
and ends with the Big Fallujah.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fast Day 355 April 5 2014 Beautiful Camille

Odysseus and Nausicaa By The River

Beautiful Camille

You are beautiful girl, Camille,
the atmosphere and you -
your hair a cloud stretch of cirrus;
the ocean, too,
the sea carries you on its whiteback.

You are beautiful girl, Camille,
mystic - stay a bit,
rest by the limpid stream of haste;
we wash our clothes
side by side, and let them dry in the sun.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Fast Day 354 March 29 2014 I Am Legend

 I Am Legend - Will Smith

I Am Legend

I am Osiris
I am Legend
I go a-fishing by the Temple of Dendur
a divine epiphany
Philae is not dead
but drowns nine months of the year
and rises from the waters,
triumphant over death.

Zombies walk
on dry cracked mud
but they are myths of slave rebellions
another epiphany
of another sort:
nightmares of a master race
whose tabernacles are filled
with weapons and with guns.

Emery paper
grinds like anarchy -
boating in the half-flooded hypostyle hall,
we hear the ancient sculptures
become loose and fall
into the water which flows
into the East River where
Osiris' members go.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fast Day 353 March 22 2014 Saint Sauveur Tres Cher

In The Mont Gabriel Club In Sainte Adèle

Saint Sauveur Tres Cher 

In Saint Sauveur des Monts they sell
Gucci and Versace,
there's an outlet mall, as well,
and Tommy Bahama.

On the Rue de la Montagne,
a maison p'tite et jaune,
we see all the way to Ste. Adèle,
on vends des oeufs.. douzaine.

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts (1926-2002) est une ancienne municipalité du Québec. C'est l'ancien nom de la section Village du territoire de Saint-Sauveur. Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts fut créé en 1926 par détachement de la municipalité de Paroisse de Saint-Sauveur.

maison p'tite et jaune   =  a small yellow house
on vends des...    =  eggs are sold there... a dozen

Fast Day 352 March 15 2014 Quebec Summers

Quebec Summers

The little painter's studio at Tremblant contains a cuisine,
full country as if from my grand-mere new sprung,
Minerva like,
a summer kitchen overlooking the back meadow
which leads down to the creek,
which intervenes between the logging road
and the Riviere des Ouatouais,
and all the jumbled perches of rock
where I alone was king.

The road we took to Tremblant has achieved canonization,
and it's bronze foot glows from pilgrims' thoughts,
St. Pete Beach like,
the winter kitchen with its dog and cat before the fire,
a pan frying green bacon,
which will go on Leonard's lunch sandwich,
as we wait for Gerald and his horse,
bringing mail and a large milk jug
of water from the spring.


Fast Day 351 March 1 2014 Pueblo de la Madre

Pueblo de la Madre

Pueblo de la Madre

Condos at the end of the world,
beyond the Great Wall faux rock and bricks,
are strangely passive in their receipt of Spring;
the promise of the pastel colors of Easter,
reverberations from the dawn sun,
are eruptions in the eczematic grass.

Wash the Winter from our skins,
remove our fentanyl patches...
Wake, Lazarus!
Wake with those whose portals opened
when the Temple curtain ripped twain,
stupified ghosts of weekend grande jatte
on the isle La Grande Golgotha.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fast Day 350 February 22 2014 Questions And Muhammad Qatta

 Aleppo Street Vendor Of Juice And Coffee

Questions And Muhammad Qatta

Who are the Karaites? the young boy said.
the protestant Karaites of the Crimea
who reject the rabbis and their tradition;
who are the Karaites?
They are Jews, so it is said…
they are Jews, indeed, Jews…
they are the ones who eat chicken fried in butter
and his father spat upon the ground
may their memory be erased!

who are the Shia? the young girl asked.
the protestant Shia of the Iran, the Iraq;
who reject Mu’awiyah and the oral tradition
and remember brave ‘Ali?
They are Muslims, so it is said…
Muslimeen, indeed, they be
sons of the house of faith who hate the Sunni,
and believe when their Mahdi appears
that our Sunni memory be erased!

who are the rebels? the coffee boy asked.
who are these fighting here in Syria?
They are drinkers of good coffee, like all men.
That morning came a band
of rebels, thirsty for the hot,
the black, and the cardamom -
they asked for credit from a poor coffee boy
who said even Muhammad would pay!
and those Salafi erased his memory
for insulting the Prophet,
by their act of devoted killing,
by their prayers of blood.


Muhammad Qatta was a 15 years old:

Muhammad Qatta, 15, was reportedly shot dead in front of a crowd of onlookers, including his parents, for naming the Prophet Mohammed during an argument, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.
Qatta, a street vendor selling coffee in the Shaar neighbourhood, was abducted and tortured by a rebel group operating in the area, after he was heard saying: "Even if Mohammed comes back to life I won't give it as debt."
This is we were complicit in creating by letting Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel Right-wingers, and neo-con minded Americans create the civil war in Syria.

Karaites are a Jewish group in the Crimea.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fast Day 349 February 15 2014 Multi


I can be reached at 1-800...
or if that is... no good...
if that fails!
try my email, for I desperately wish
to speak to you again about this

Do not hesitate to contact me!
I may multi-task...
do three things
or four
at once together!
We hunger from greed or from lack of food...
and search entrepreneurial grandeur!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching Up

I am getting caught up. All the scraps for poems which I have been carrying around in my pockets, sending through washing machines, salvaging, drying, resurrecting from notebooks...  I am getting them down here.

This site is akin to those art sites where people paint a painting a day, knit and stitch quilts, or create pottery.

There are other poetic sites, but they seem too something... too academic... too much like well-defined Art.

I was just reading some poetry, and the words overwhelm me like liquid sonance, and I felt like a child playing at the beach.
Words are the beach, the willow, and the girl you remember who climbed up the willow tree. The words are the words you shared and the breathing of both your eyes.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fast Day 353 March 15, 2014 St. Patrick's Day, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day, 2014

Leaving you yet asleep,
I rise and travel far away,
into this our endless winter,
this our cold Saint Patrick’s day.

A rare swimmer, now I go
toward the northern wind to roam
around  great lake of oblivion,
and to recall the warmth of home.

Mortal billows and icy wind
will not imprison me,
for I shall gain a higher shore,
and soon return to thee!


Fast Day 348 Februrary 8 2014 Cloisters Of Plane

Cloisters Of Plane

The plane tree and the sycamore
have no definite place of abode,
but disperse themselves to various
locales, where they are open to receive
and entertain any of their own genus,
strangers though they be.

Free from gossip and disturbance,
they observe a grave and ponderous
state of total silence, such as cloistered
Trappists, and pray with constant davening
of their immensely leafy crowns in
temperance and strict sobriety,
excite our veneration.


Fast Day 347 Februrary 1 2014 My Brother Is Long-Lived

From Hitchcock's Strangers On A Train

My Brother Is Long-Lived

My brother is long-lived,
for even suicide cannot kill him.
The rest of us are not so skilled in life;

While not dead, we
are numb and otiose:
silver surfer despair joins
the darkness of magneto...
extinguish the scintilla
of the brief fire.

My brother is long-lived,
for even suicide cannot kill him.
The rest of us are not so drilled in life;

Sleep hibernia,
awesome and temporal
seculars of age!
subnivial sleep
and speculate !

My brother is long-lived,
so we meet as strangers on a train,
and do the deed with clean and shiny shoes.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fast Day 346 January 24 2014 Family Cottage: The Lawn

Family Cottage: The Lawn

As much as I admire Thoreau, a long, shaggy
lawn impedes the footsteps of my well-aged friends
and family, who would prefer a berber rug...
cornrows of cut wound blades.

A power mower to cut and chemistry to weed:
I come on as grim reaper as th'Apocalypse,
Destroyer minutiae worlds spreads death's carpet!
and burn some fossil fuel!

Sand beneath a thin soil stretched out like cosmetics
over a witchlike face unbotoxed with sinkholes,
and sunken like a grave over the septic tank...
what smiles of grass grow there?

Timothy grass was the original cat's tail,
named for the carnival corn dog seed bearing blade;
mixing with jot and tittle clover pinks and whites;
ancestors' kenoptaph.

Orchard grass is enamored of a deep, rich soil,
and will hold you to be a poor, lazy farmer
behind in his chores and given to ardent drink:
sessile and recumbent.

Cord grass protects the shore, untouched prairie splendor,
whispering ancient totem wisdom like before
Columbus came; O, Spartina! O, Spartina!
remember me! my name!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fast Day 345 January 17 2014 Ode On A Roman Tomb

Keat's Grave In The Protestant Cemetery In Rome

Ode On A Roman Tomb

Laying about in Rome, where the Via Appia begins,
waiting for the granitic tombstone promised by my friends,
let my name be writ in water,
let my nickname Tiber be,
after the father flow of ancient Rome
until it meets the sea where it abruptly ends.

My name upon the water which has ten billion eyes,
gleaming upon Earth or upon rogue planets discover
event horizon of Shelley,
who drowned in a black hole -
the cypress tombs and pyramid distend
like whale’s belly, where Jonah meet his lover.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fast Day 344 January 10 2014 Coming Home

Coming Home 

A stately grace of elms surrounds
a farmhouse of the better sort,
and yonder squares of apple trees
bivouac like armies flush from
red and gold battle, having marched
night and day by general order,
until they come up to the Sherman,
or the Grant of that genius farm...

...who orders agriculture’s armies
as he cast long view across the
windswept fields of billowing grains
that fall like young men in their prime,
and rise like all who have gone down!
The pepper of the pollen in the air
is a covenant which we hold dear,
and the far away copse of poplars
‘long the winding shore of the creek
is a promise that shall be kept!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Catching Up

I have a number of poems I am trying to finish and put up.

I have been awfully busy... I think.


Fast Day 343 January 3 2014 Hunting On Europa

 Solar Sail Spaceships

Hunting On Europa

a small solar sail 200 miles long
above the hunter’s flat fowler space ship,
painted camo in steampunk greens and tan
intended for only an intrepid,
an explorer
or maybe two, and their faithful dog entanglement.

the sun oozes into the photon trap,
swelling slowly and starving of the light
of small stars by swampy brown dwarf planets,
shallow creek scull;
we crouch in the prow, looking for Europa’s birds.

Camo "On The Wing"  Wm. Lamb and Son