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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fast Day 393 December 27 2014 Wint'ry Cathedral

Wint'ry Cathedral

Far away houses hidden under the trees,
which form gothic vaults of choir, apse, and nave
above them, and which support the snow facade;
wint'ry cathedral !


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fast Day 375 August 23 2014 Lonely Roads

 Lonely Roads

sadness falls like confetti; obscures the road:
where we wept so much; there's hardly a tear now:
I have grown weary; overcome with life:
a smell! taste! O, smile!


sapphics writ 11/11/11/5 syllables with a break in each line between clauses.

Fast Day 374 August 16 2014 Christmas Flood

Christmas Flood

The front door is a gentle rain to its friends,
readily fills the dining room reserve,
while busy cooks swell aromatic rivers;
mill dams of desires!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fast Day 373 August 9 2014 Lilies


When lilies of the field are pressed between the good book's pages, in sweet Lord Jesus' raiment dressed, their seeds endure for ages!
refrain   God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

The wheat upon the open plain, stretch forth their heads to pray; costume themselves in diamond rain, and their winnow fan array.  
refrain God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

 Currents of the His saving waters, sweep in the ebb and flow; they bring a saving grace to me, and to the flowers to grow.    
refrain God's seed endures forever, blown on the wind of grace; it will always bloom again and grow to His embrace.

See me at the harvest,
see me at the bee;
lay me up in in bundled straw,
yearning to be free!
And when the harvest's over,
and no more stalks to scythe,
buy some time with lemonade,
and we shall be alive!


From my other blog.

This was written in tribute to Fanny Crosby. Her hymns are much better than this crude attempt, but she was a better religious person than me, too. The form is odd; at the end it jumps into a new meter...everything. I thought it a fault, but it is a metaphor for the time when everything will change.

At the end "buy some time with lemonade..." may seem incongruous, to you as well to me, but it just was a picture of those who had passed were sheaves of wheat, cut down and laid up, in a barn or in the fields, where they wait - in barns where the late afternoon sun experiments with cracks and breaks in the carbolineum wall boards, and lights the dusty interior -

and the harvesters take a lemonade break...
and by the time they wipe their lips dry, we shall have been re-born.
Obviously, I require a songwriter to go with these lyrics.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fast Day 372 August 2 2014 Citizens United

Citizens United

Modern day Terminator!
 Hawking fears A.I.
The Imperial Memorial of 1958 -
when Sarah Connor was born -
spoke of the need for virtue confronted
by non-humans riding motorcycles...
and nude-crashing into biker bars!
and the right to voice your opinion
in a letter with a 3 cent stamp!
 3 cents ignores the human costs involved;
the corporate voice:
a CONELRAD siren;
pierces the silent holy night,
and grabs and pulls at
Christina's human legs!
desperate for home!

FastDay 371 July 26 2014 Fishtown

Leland, Michigan


A cosmic perspective I have none:
through a Beatrix Potter countryside
I drove north to Leland
in the Leelanau
for the July wide five K run.

To Heaven's pawn shops do I go,
to find duplicates of the textile arts;
and wander in antique stores
in the old Fishtown
for embroidered hearts I can not sew.

Lake Michigan has a trillion eyes
and reflects each star a million-fold;
flying images of fire lanterns,
burning like desire!
a new persona bold I'll try on for size!


finally picking up the pace again after selling mother's house and moving her and my brother's funeral.

so, the rhyme is

a,b,c,a  [L2:b ---> L5:x]

which means the final syllable, b, of the second line shows up somewhere (x = unknown) in the middle of the last line, also.
It's just a toy to play with.