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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fast Day 367 June 28 2014 World War E

World War E

A call to violence flies the wind,
and wakes the sleeping horde;
display butterflies unpinned,
resurrected from their board!

Crack!  The specimen window glass
like a stone back rolled;
life and death in stark contrast,
command as quisling lord!

The rumor’d wars, the pandemics
us to their bidding bind;
we cannot run, we cannot mix,
as the civil knots unwind!


(on hearing of President Obama's Plan to combat Ebola.  9/17)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fast Day 366 June 21 2014 No Victory But Of Love!

No Victory But Of Love!

when Isis was but the name of goddess love,
Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar –
the city walls were virgin pearl,
and books were ivory.

our love grew like the kudzu of desire,
beneath the bright scratches of shooting stars!
the bed sheets were magician’s charms,
our eyes were like gazelles.

now in a world seduced by war and disease,
the over-ripe perfumes of ghosts!
we can yet bear witness:
no victory but of love!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fast Day 365 June 14 2014 Going To Work In Ophelia's Limo

Going To Work In Ophelia's Limo

absinthe dawn greenly drawn and filtered
through the corrosion of copper lips
above Ophelia’s wedding gown,
open in the back and revealing
a copulation of tattoos.


up to meet the morning sun again,
and forget the troubling dreams of night!
a clear and sunny day does dawn,
and we will drive our gas-driven tombs
in funereal traffic jams

like a waiting queue of mummies to be,
in air conditioned chariots outside
the reliquaries of Giza:
we sit, we brake, we pull together;
sometimes we write a story

in our dreamy heads, filled with sweet
Apocalypse preserves from childhood...
we used to, like, believe world's end
to break this mechanical chaplet
of endless and continuous transport!



pix:  Ophelia: