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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fast Day 69 September 26 2008 {Screw Archimedes!}

Screw Archimedes!

There is nothing we can see,
and nothing we can do,
except to live and and breathe and choose
to make a better world.
screw Descartes, let's dance!

There is nothing in their words,
their is nothing in their eyes.
They preach a sermon filled with hate
and bitter ignorance.
screw Plato, let's make love!

The alpha perch upon a roost
and lord it kingly over
slaves cunning in their repose
waiting for their day.
screw Deleuze, let's dance!

The love of God is like
a keen poison in my blood
aphrodisiac titrate drip
I cannot sleep!
screw Maududi, let's shine!

Let our teeth shine
in mutually mad erotica
face to face and mindless of all else
smiling lovers!
screw Engels, let's embrace!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fast Day 67 September 13 2008 {Sonny Detroit}


Sonny Detroit was a singer
and she had a dusky voice
like the first breath of cool evening
after the hot, hot afternoon.
So everyday we would expect
her there with braids.

Sonny don't owe you shit,
Girl is free to do what she will.

Sonny Detroit had a lover
who ran around all day
like the screach of speed amphetamine
and ecstasy's cool breath.
So he would need her there
when day is done.

Sonny don't owe you shit,
Girl needs a man, not a habit.

Sonny said they rob me,
Sonny said they beat me.
They took my stash, they took my soul,
they raped me and delete me.
Sonny came out of jail that day
and sang her tender song.

Sonny don't owe you shit,
The girl has paid her toll.

Fast Day 68 September 19 2008 (The Beast}

The Beast

I was nervous and demonstrative,
I did not know why...
quiet and listen, you! you who are
so little and so small.
You are of no importance!

I wanted to be a prince and princess
when history was jello...
and came to a raspberry stand still;
You must kiss my forces
and all my army corpse.

It is difficult to make you wear greenery,
or make you salad...
or a fruit compote or souffle.
You do not bend to my will
like the chocolate swine of old.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fast Day 66 September 6, 2008 {Echo Muscoy}

Echo Moscovy

We cop the West;
bored out of gourd, you say?
My english is not so good.
But you will see,
we are like you G8s:
ecstasy and cocaine in the corridors
of power,
drugs for the kids in the hall;
sex within the Marika club,
like molodyozh we dance and trip
over our fallen minds...
gone out of, no?
We joined together in the bathroom stall,
surprised at pleasure of the
proximity of people in
the other stalls...
They were mad at us, for
they had not thought of it;
they were like artists...
of the West,
artists, philosophy,
all girls who powder
their noses in the bathroom
with a puff of coke...
being first in madness
is what they seek, to be seen
as an orgiastik goddess.
Thank goddess!, there is nothing
but pleasure...
nothing but...goods and shopping.
3 cheers for Dialec-
tical Materialism, which
spoke of matter and
became religion
while the West spoke
of religion
but it did not matter.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fast Day 65 August 30 2008 {Retail}


There are too many ways to drive a car,
too many ways to look around,
too many grannies chugging shopping carts
behind my trunk,
beneath my tread,
doing the stutter waltz
next to my parking space;
to go or not to go,
I see you. No, I don't.
I'm too old to grab the seatbelt.
My shoulder pains arthriticly.
I used to have a Merc with
a Nissan Enjine
with an auto seatbelt that was a dream.
but they got rid of them
before they were made mandatory...
so we fight for the foolish fabric
and buckle in
to prevent

I need a Wal-Mart with a lot
with mirrors around the spaces
designed on several axes
to help me see my way.
A Wal-Mart build half-timbered style
and Tudor packing boxes look,
before a baptismal pond with trees!
enshrined in photos
glossy emblems of its virgin birth!
But when I'd finally got out
from my parking cell,
and tooled down by the pond,
the trees were dead,
the algae lived and bred...
and all the photos lied.
I have discovered
my Wal-greeters
are not happy
to see
at all.