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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fast Day 73 October 24 2008 {Her Erotic Smile}

Her erotic smile
of intense delight
blinded me.

Her jazzed up laugh
of sultry madness
deafened me.

Her fiery breasts
like Catherine's wheel
burned me.

Joyfilled somersault
of the genital moon;
our rapture!

Fast Day 72 October 18 2008 {Culinary Sukkoth}

Culinary Sukkoth

We had a gingerbread sukkah,
resplendent in design;
the gum drops were from Wal-Mart,
the inspiration, mine.

Our harvest was enormous,
of wheat and tares combined;
gathering in by hands full,
hushing them while we bind.

Some we threw in fire,
some we threw in graves;
some we cast on water,
and some in silos save.

Some we kept in sugar,
to keep and crystallize;
to roof it as our skach,
and eat it with our eyes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fast Day 71 October 11 2008 {Lake Michigan's Dunes}

Lake Michigan's Dunes

Maple, beech...thinning...
canopy of leaves;
Return forest primeval!

Abandoned pilings,
and empty harbors;
I regret autumn's onset.

Contrary spices:
the sweet and the sour;
high blown dunes and quick descent.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fast Day 70 October 4 2008 {Young and old Kumar is gone}

Young and Old Kumar

Young and old Kumar is gone,
sent the keys to the bank.
No more Sabah an-nur in the morn.
No more beautiful balcony flowers
like a paradise garden,
like heaven,
like angels.
He left the kitchen window open;
like a gaping mouth,
gulping down the summer rain.
I wish I had a photograph.
I think with my camera.
His three kids, two girls and one other:
He has taken them to Maharashtra
to his friendly days and
his school boy nights.
He did not want them
attending school
in the States.
A father is always right when it comes to
the hungry birdlike children.