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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fast Day 349 February 15 2014 Multi


I can be reached at 1-800...
or if that is... no good...
if that fails!
try my email, for I desperately wish
to speak to you again about this

Do not hesitate to contact me!
I may multi-task...
do three things
or four
at once together!
We hunger from greed or from lack of food...
and search entrepreneurial grandeur!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching Up

I am getting caught up. All the scraps for poems which I have been carrying around in my pockets, sending through washing machines, salvaging, drying, resurrecting from notebooks...  I am getting them down here.

This site is akin to those art sites where people paint a painting a day, knit and stitch quilts, or create pottery.

There are other poetic sites, but they seem too something... too academic... too much like well-defined Art.

I was just reading some poetry, and the words overwhelm me like liquid sonance, and I felt like a child playing at the beach.
Words are the beach, the willow, and the girl you remember who climbed up the willow tree. The words are the words you shared and the breathing of both your eyes.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fast Day 353 March 15, 2014 St. Patrick's Day, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day, 2014

Leaving you yet asleep,
I rise and travel far away,
into this our endless winter,
this our cold Saint Patrick’s day.

A rare swimmer, now I go
toward the northern wind to roam
around  great lake of oblivion,
and to recall the warmth of home.

Mortal billows and icy wind
will not imprison me,
for I shall gain a higher shore,
and soon return to thee!


Fast Day 348 Februrary 8 2014 Cloisters Of Plane

Cloisters Of Plane

The plane tree and the sycamore
have no definite place of abode,
but disperse themselves to various
locales, where they are open to receive
and entertain any of their own genus,
strangers though they be.

Free from gossip and disturbance,
they observe a grave and ponderous
state of total silence, such as cloistered
Trappists, and pray with constant davening
of their immensely leafy crowns in
temperance and strict sobriety,
excite our veneration.


Fast Day 347 Februrary 1 2014 My Brother Is Long-Lived

From Hitchcock's Strangers On A Train

My Brother Is Long-Lived

My brother is long-lived,
for even suicide cannot kill him.
The rest of us are not so skilled in life;

While not dead, we
are numb and otiose:
silver surfer despair joins
the darkness of magneto...
extinguish the scintilla
of the brief fire.

My brother is long-lived,
for even suicide cannot kill him.
The rest of us are not so drilled in life;

Sleep hibernia,
awesome and temporal
seculars of age!
subnivial sleep
and speculate !

My brother is long-lived,
so we meet as strangers on a train,
and do the deed with clean and shiny shoes.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fast Day 346 January 24 2014 Family Cottage: The Lawn

Family Cottage: The Lawn

As much as I admire Thoreau, a long, shaggy
lawn impedes the footsteps of my well-aged friends
and family, who would prefer a berber rug...
cornrows of cut wound blades.

A power mower to cut and chemistry to weed:
I come on as grim reaper as th'Apocalypse,
Destroyer minutiae worlds spreads death's carpet!
and burn some fossil fuel!

Sand beneath a thin soil stretched out like cosmetics
over a witchlike face unbotoxed with sinkholes,
and sunken like a grave over the septic tank...
what smiles of grass grow there?

Timothy grass was the original cat's tail,
named for the carnival corn dog seed bearing blade;
mixing with jot and tittle clover pinks and whites;
ancestors' kenoptaph.

Orchard grass is enamored of a deep, rich soil,
and will hold you to be a poor, lazy farmer
behind in his chores and given to ardent drink:
sessile and recumbent.

Cord grass protects the shore, untouched prairie splendor,
whispering ancient totem wisdom like before
Columbus came; O, Spartina! O, Spartina!
remember me! my name!