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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fast Day 376 August 30 2014 Into The Wild

Into The Wild

grape juice and dates
feasts of fats and sugar
cockaigne holidays!
wines and marrow bones!

shun the wilderness!
scarcity, hunger, thirst -
eating roots and berries
McCandless dies, revives!

filling and empty
are our magnetic poles,
wand'ring like prodigalls
until our heaven's rest!

I finished this 01/29/2015, so I put it up last, and will move it chronologically later.

Fast Day 379 September 20 2014 Hwore Of Cancer

Hworeof Cancer

The Hwore of Cancer came against the hospital
and spread her lofty legs above it all -
batshit all Akkadian crazy! -
from info desk to the parking garage,
like a syphilitic Rhodian colossus;
steaming in the winter’s cold air,
tinted and varnished giantesse
 bids us enter into Avernus.
A mighty apostassy
the heressy of our time.

Is not the cable tv glow a atheisstical plot
to foil and mimic the light of God?
And are not the blond ladies who read the news
honoring Semiramis or Cybele…
the mother of the Babylonian messiah?
the devil is in
the lymph-nodes,
the flesh, the world…
and doctors fail their Turing test
and they scatter to avoid the family eyes -
big eyes, sad eyes,
greedy for more pagan gifts of Life!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fast Day 394 January 3 2015 Veille Du Nouvel An

Veille du Nouvel An
ouvrir mes bras la nuit dernière,
sang mouillé, anonyme;
nous buvons ,
nous hurlons
à la lune et aux étoiles -
et coups de feu partout.
bienvenue à mon intérieur !

open my arms last night,  
blood wet, anonymous;  
we drink,
we howl
at the moon and stars -
gun shots everywhere.
welcome to my inside!