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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fast Day 282 October 27 2012 {Gardens and Deer}

Gardens and Deer

Exile songs of Deer in Babylon,
it is so sad;
they come around and eat the flowers that we
try to grow;
those they ignore are cut
by mowing madness soon…
The deer eat the hosta down to the stem,
leaving a nest of wispy pre-raphaelite quills
like precocious
and flippant rosetti…
like Ophelia pennants – thin
and hazarding the wind.

So I waited up for them one night,
gun in hand,
to stop their eating of the flowers that we
try to grow;
and I shall cut them down
by rifle and the moon…
beyond midnight they came, all three of them,
we unflinching stood staring each other... they spoke:
mystery gard’ner!
bone-cave keeper!
bounteous god, let us see
your garden immortality!

needless to say, I let them eat the rest of the gardens.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fast Day 281 October 21 2012 {VelocityDC Dance}

VelocityDC Dance

juiced anatomy
of infinite dance
disclose nimble offices
of supple body -
quick and presto
prayers like incense smoke
from sweating bodies rise
and promise unending pleasure! -
ah, titanic in their lies!

seminal movement,
steam powered and punk,
length and stroke unite!
my feet on fire!
moment locomotive…
the store of love unties…
diluvian torrent affection,
enwrapp’d the muse’s thighs!

diluvian  -  an adjective for "flood" usually used in "ante-diluvian" meaning "before (Noah's) flood", hence of great antiquity and pertaining to the pre-Noachian covenant, and anything else.

enwrapp'd  -  since the "en-" has the meaning on "in", I left out the extra "in" and the line means "enwrapp'd in the muse's thighs."

Written after attending the VelocityDC Dance Festival at Sidney Harman Hall in Washington D.C. on October 20, 2012.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fast Day 280 October 14 2012 {Beekeepers}


scarlet clover
sowed in October
in the orchard twice;
try and keep the hens out,
they pick every green leaf

and totally ignore
barley by the hellebore,
which grows now quite tall -
but what will the bees? eh?
when all the clover's gone?

comb honey
brings no money...
sez the Michigan Farmer;
but comb sales have been brisk...
all's left is candled junk...
and common sense for fools.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fast Day 279 October 6 2012 {The Times, The Morals}

The Times, The Morals

Climax in a spasm
thrusting uncontrolled and
irritated beyond endurance…

women, they say, may experience
multiples – a shattering one right after
another,  shameless…

But I just screw up my face
and expostulate! just one!
but what an explosive design!

and like everyone jumps like
they wuz sleeping on erotic firecrackers!
three people going down in an elevator...

Gesundheit!…  says a old lady nearby;
God bless you!...  sez newspaper holding guy;
searching for tissue, Thanks, sez I.


Someone asked me, so I had better say that it was a sneeze... in an elevator... with three people in it, one of which was I.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fast Day 278 September 29 2012 {Ancient Hymn to Pan}

Ancient Hymn to Pan

 O, Pan of the forest!
Protector of the herds:
helper of working men!
Tillage and harvest and herding,
how many times have you ignored
frail mortals!

Now I come before thee
with oil and honey and wheat bread,
praying for strength and fulfillment
of my human longing, and with purpose
to keep thy great worship
mahoganney, pure, dark...

Archbishop of the woodlands,
large crozier with a stag’s head,
well-pearled with antlers!
Piper of the moonbeams
who hymns us our equal God!...
Arcadian dreams!