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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fast Day 281 October 21 2012 {VelocityDC Dance}

VelocityDC Dance

juiced anatomy
of infinite dance
disclose nimble offices
of supple body -
quick and presto
prayers like incense smoke
from sweating bodies rise
and promise unending pleasure! -
ah, titanic in their lies!

seminal movement,
steam powered and punk,
length and stroke unite!
my feet on fire!
moment locomotive…
the store of love unties…
diluvian torrent affection,
enwrapp’d the muse’s thighs!

diluvian  -  an adjective for "flood" usually used in "ante-diluvian" meaning "before (Noah's) flood", hence of great antiquity and pertaining to the pre-Noachian covenant, and anything else.

enwrapp'd  -  since the "en-" has the meaning on "in", I left out the extra "in" and the line means "enwrapp'd in the muse's thighs."

Written after attending the VelocityDC Dance Festival at Sidney Harman Hall in Washington D.C. on October 20, 2012.

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