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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fast Day 279 October 6 2012 {The Times, The Morals}

The Times, The Morals

Climax in a spasm
thrusting uncontrolled and
irritated beyond endurance…

women, they say, may experience
multiples – a shattering one right after
another,  shameless…

But I just screw up my face
and expostulate! just one!
but what an explosive design!

and like everyone jumps like
they wuz sleeping on erotic firecrackers!
three people going down in an elevator...

Gesundheit!…  says a old lady nearby;
God bless you!...  sez newspaper holding guy;
searching for tissue, Thanks, sez I.


Someone asked me, so I had better say that it was a sneeze... in an elevator... with three people in it, one of which was I.

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