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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fast Day 332 October 19 2013 On Viewing Paintings By Jacques Villon

Nature Morte Aux Fleurs Jaunes

On Viewing Paintings By Jacques Villon

awful falafel needs pepper repair;
roll 'em over, gasping!
bang! the gun spoke words
like "Dada."

O, the bulbosity!  O, tool and die!
the bumpity ovoid
of dancing cam shaft's
teasing touch.

terra's on trial like lariat's calf:
cylinder fajita wraps;
scratching on blackboards;
teeth on edge.

wrap aroma and roman prawns asleep;
Van Gogh's repititions,
obsessive looks within
a golden eye.

I had this done last week while in D.C., then I lost it.
It was on a trip to the Phillips collections, where a show called Van Gogh's Repetitions was, consisting of Van Gogh's various renderings of the same subject, and a detailed discussion of how art curators and experts analyze them.

It was terribly obsessive, and I doubt Art can survive art experts and their technology.

Jacques Villon was the brother of Marcel Duchamp and Raymond Duchamp-Villon.

"Dada" refers to Dada... or the Dadaist Movement, if you are obsessive about Art terminology and history.
It's all Dada.
I wished the words to resemble the objects in Villon's paintings; I wished that they would extend linearly and I wished they would bend cylindrically...


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fast Day 331 October 12 2013 The Father Of The Bride

The Father Of The Bride

The father gave a toast ending with a Shakespeare
quote,  appropriate to this time and to this place
and it moved me greatly how it formed a cincture
binding us, play actors, within this special space;

Proud as Tybalt’s uncle, pater familias,
like the prudent, firm, convivial Capulet;
his world is the cypress and his house the garden
where tender grew the blossom: this sweet Juliet!

my god-daughter was married yesterday.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fast Day 330 October 5 2013 The Painted Man

The Painted Man

I cannot sleep within my bed
I must pace the hours of lead
cold recollect of new fall snow

Christmas carousel candle
force my foot in ice sandal
frowning morning once again:
Washington news:
painted men...

the painted man’s a symbol
standing behind the demon door
kissing discord’s pomegrant
more hallowe’en

the businessman's uniform,
and deadly nightshade apron
seek to deeply sink their claws!
makes us rebels
without cause



pomegrant  =   "pomegranate" as often pronounced as 3 syllables; the pomegranate is seen as the fruit of Persephone.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fast Day 329 September 28 2013 The Detroit Symphony: Looking At People Before The Concert Starts

Lang Lang Played In Detroit On September 28, 2013

The Detroit Symphony: Looking At People Before The Concert Starts

passionate seating of a hall;
waiting for the symphony;
ticket shuffling and mixing among
bright ladies from Bloomfield,
and a staff of young brothers
support the Botticelli luxury
of their sister, rising from the sea
of Detroit Symphony!

all the jewels of Baudelaire
have become painted statues:
iPhones held by kouroi and kourai,
deep in meditation,
davening over the screens
which glow like alchemical alembics
of  Doctor Pretorius degree:
the totems of their technology!


kouroi   -  Greek young men
kourai   -  Greek young ladies
davening  -  to pray and gently rock back and forth
Doctor Pretorius  -  A type of Faustian doctor, a character in The Bride of Frankenstein, portrayed by Ernst Thesiger . He delivers a toast, "To a new world of gods and monsters."