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Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 402 November 21 2015 Christmas Poems: The Gates

Elven gates that empty swing throughout the year
are filled at Christmas
with joyous cheer.

The festive house stands glowing, the fires bright,
bid us the feast partake,
spirits make light!

The table is spread with meats, and breads, and pie!
all who feared starvation
find salvation nigh!

Joyful entertainments enchant us until morn,
pageants on gold field-
when that Child is born!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 401 November 14 2015 Christmas Poems: The Trip

 Seeking Room In Bethlehem - Tissot

Christmas Poems: The Trip

I could tell you, I could say,
Where comes the legends, and traditions,
a young mother and her family-
Today, our Christmas Day.

Traveling past the piney trees,
deep forest odors,
censed with balsams -
the valleys’ mists and heavy rains
push rivers to the seas.

Thunder, Alleghany,
down the turnpike
‘til the curling smoke of home and
hearth greet the family!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 400 November 7 2015 The One Who Carries Water

The One Who Carries Water

May daylight hurry me to this poetry,
my four-hundredth bad shoe verse
with pebbles in the instep.

The blacksmith or the one who carries waters
on their back, does sing themself,
with strong and noble voice.

Achilles' anger and the cause of the grief
that befell the Achaeans,
back to the futile Aegean waters!

May daylight hurry; I will slay grim monsters:
the math test... chemistry...
it took my entire life!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 399 October 31 2015 Memorial October 2015

Memorial  October 2015

Take a red, red rose
and place on the snowy berms
of Port Huron streets to mark
the place where we threw the last
of his wardrobe -
before the removers came...
to remove now and at last

Belladonna tincture
to swim within my heart,
leaving dirty residue
of love's inability
to entangle
the spin of hearts separate...
those actions at a distance
so spooky!


Day 398 October 24 2015 Mixie Kids

Mixie Kids

mixie child, of mixed race:
how seraph,
how cherubic thy face!

all earth waters blending,
into thee;
mankind's discords mending!