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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fast Day 354 March 29 2014 I Am Legend

 I Am Legend - Will Smith

I Am Legend

I am Osiris
I am Legend
I go a-fishing by the Temple of Dendur
a divine epiphany
Philae is not dead
but drowns nine months of the year
and rises from the waters,
triumphant over death.

Zombies walk
on dry cracked mud
but they are myths of slave rebellions
another epiphany
of another sort:
nightmares of a master race
whose tabernacles are filled
with weapons and with guns.

Emery paper
grinds like anarchy -
boating in the half-flooded hypostyle hall,
we hear the ancient sculptures
become loose and fall
into the water which flows
into the East River where
Osiris' members go.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fast Day 353 March 22 2014 Saint Sauveur Tres Cher

In The Mont Gabriel Club In Sainte Adèle

Saint Sauveur Tres Cher 

In Saint Sauveur des Monts they sell
Gucci and Versace,
there's an outlet mall, as well,
and Tommy Bahama.

On the Rue de la Montagne,
a maison p'tite et jaune,
we see all the way to Ste. Adèle,
on vends des oeufs.. douzaine.

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts (1926-2002) est une ancienne municipalité du Québec. C'est l'ancien nom de la section Village du territoire de Saint-Sauveur. Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts fut créé en 1926 par détachement de la municipalité de Paroisse de Saint-Sauveur.

maison p'tite et jaune   =  a small yellow house
on vends des...    =  eggs are sold there... a dozen

Fast Day 352 March 15 2014 Quebec Summers

Quebec Summers

The little painter's studio at Tremblant contains a cuisine,
full country as if from my grand-mere new sprung,
Minerva like,
a summer kitchen overlooking the back meadow
which leads down to the creek,
which intervenes between the logging road
and the Riviere des Ouatouais,
and all the jumbled perches of rock
where I alone was king.

The road we took to Tremblant has achieved canonization,
and it's bronze foot glows from pilgrims' thoughts,
St. Pete Beach like,
the winter kitchen with its dog and cat before the fire,
a pan frying green bacon,
which will go on Leonard's lunch sandwich,
as we wait for Gerald and his horse,
bringing mail and a large milk jug
of water from the spring.


Fast Day 351 March 1 2014 Pueblo de la Madre

Pueblo de la Madre

Pueblo de la Madre

Condos at the end of the world,
beyond the Great Wall faux rock and bricks,
are strangely passive in their receipt of Spring;
the promise of the pastel colors of Easter,
reverberations from the dawn sun,
are eruptions in the eczematic grass.

Wash the Winter from our skins,
remove our fentanyl patches...
Wake, Lazarus!
Wake with those whose portals opened
when the Temple curtain ripped twain,
stupified ghosts of weekend grande jatte
on the isle La Grande Golgotha.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fast Day 350 February 22 2014 Questions And Muhammad Qatta

 Aleppo Street Vendor Of Juice And Coffee

Questions And Muhammad Qatta

Who are the Karaites? the young boy said.
the protestant Karaites of the Crimea
who reject the rabbis and their tradition;
who are the Karaites?
They are Jews, so it is said…
they are Jews, indeed, Jews…
they are the ones who eat chicken fried in butter
and his father spat upon the ground
may their memory be erased!

who are the Shia? the young girl asked.
the protestant Shia of the Iran, the Iraq;
who reject Mu’awiyah and the oral tradition
and remember brave ‘Ali?
They are Muslims, so it is said…
Muslimeen, indeed, they be
sons of the house of faith who hate the Sunni,
and believe when their Mahdi appears
that our Sunni memory be erased!

who are the rebels? the coffee boy asked.
who are these fighting here in Syria?
They are drinkers of good coffee, like all men.
That morning came a band
of rebels, thirsty for the hot,
the black, and the cardamom -
they asked for credit from a poor coffee boy
who said even Muhammad would pay!
and those Salafi erased his memory
for insulting the Prophet,
by their act of devoted killing,
by their prayers of blood.


Muhammad Qatta was a 15 years old:

Muhammad Qatta, 15, was reportedly shot dead in front of a crowd of onlookers, including his parents, for naming the Prophet Mohammed during an argument, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.
Qatta, a street vendor selling coffee in the Shaar neighbourhood, was abducted and tortured by a rebel group operating in the area, after he was heard saying: "Even if Mohammed comes back to life I won't give it as debt."
This is we were complicit in creating by letting Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel Right-wingers, and neo-con minded Americans create the civil war in Syria.

Karaites are a Jewish group in the Crimea.