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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fast Day 354 March 29 2014 I Am Legend

 I Am Legend - Will Smith

I Am Legend

I am Osiris
I am Legend
I go a-fishing by the Temple of Dendur
a divine epiphany
Philae is not dead
but drowns nine months of the year
and rises from the waters,
triumphant over death.

Zombies walk
on dry cracked mud
but they are myths of slave rebellions
another epiphany
of another sort:
nightmares of a master race
whose tabernacles are filled
with weapons and with guns.

Emery paper
grinds like anarchy -
boating in the half-flooded hypostyle hall,
we hear the ancient sculptures
become loose and fall
into the water which flows
into the East River where
Osiris' members go.


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