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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fast Day 320 July 28 2013 Traces Of The Past

 Hadrian's Wall, Memory of King Arthur

Traces Of The Past

Long barrows of memory
mark my own life meadows:
axes, flints, and roast  lamb
within a long hall of the dead…
and the abbey is forgotten
Benedictine founded in the late 12 Cee

Everything is now untouched,
where Arthur once held sway,
and Angesalus was his man,
within the long hall of the dead…
outer precincts of the church
and cruciform parch marks make me memorious!


late 12 Cee  = late 12th century, written  "late 12th C."

Angesalus  = Lancelot

Goodbye to an ancient life past, which soon will be only memorous to me through the "parch" marks in my
long-term m.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Fast Day 319 July 21 2013 Maison Billy

Maison Billy

She hear the bird song
she goes and I come along
to the Boney Shwa:
pain aux raisins et cafĂ©…
Billy’s place at Achigan, 
right near St. Hippolyte,
this side of the restaurant
named The Water in the Mouth;

Billy’s place is a model,
a model in a bottle,
or a painted ship within a frame
he stole from mama’s place,
taking it, laughing.
He told ma femme to come,
she and la belle-soeur,
get it before he die,
but he go too fast,
too fast.

from her nephews then she stole…
and they want it back, but they sold
the house,
the model house,
like a ship in a bottle...
In Achigan,
by Hippolyte,
near Ste. Adele...

Over the Rue de la Montagne
by the yellow house
where they sell eggs.
Je m'en souviens toujours!


Boney Shwa  =   Bonne Choix, a small convenience type market chain in Quebec

belle-soeur  =  sister-in-law

je m'en souviens toujours  = I always remember it

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fast Day 318 July 13 2013 Prodigal Heir

Giorgio Di Chirico Painting

Prodigal Heir

Disinherit me, Death,
take away the 'heritance of sin,
that forbids me joy in anything !

Stop buzzing around my head;
May I never eat your fatted calf,
and may His blood extract your sting !


Delayed due to being away from electronic media.
Sometimes we get picked up by Rogers in Canada, but it costs a fortune in roaming charges, so everything
is turned off to prevent using it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fast Day 317 July 6 2013 Birth Day Sticks

Birth Day Sticks

Wind and Trees

Standing in the streets of wind and forest,
awed by the tombs of the Persian Cyrus
and Artaxerxes, son of Amestris,
I throw sticks into the air
and watch them fall
as random wikiups,
naked of animal hides
or birch bark cloth:
the black divining sticks,
the ebon pilgrims of the cloud-walks;
fall to the earth as a fishing net
and I will be a fisherman.

 Martyrs' Bay

North of Kintyre, o’er the grey hills of Mull,
and above the waters of Martyr’s Bay,
below St. Columba’s monasteries,
I throw sticks into the air
and watch them fall
as Viking battle ships
covered with colorful shields
and spiked with swords:
to plunder rivers and treasuries;
they fall to earth as a sailing boat
and I will be a wanderer.

Our fate and fortunes are sticks into the air,
where we build our palisades and castles
in the clouds of our dynamos of wooded dream.

 Wikiup Under Melancholia


Life may seem random as sticks thrown into the air, but there may be a hidden pattern. We see futures in the patterns of the falling sticks.

I dreamed of Cyrus and his death and cypresses blown in the wind.

Someone mentioned Paul McCartney's birthday was July 5, so I began to think of Mull of Kintyre, which combined with St. Columba on the Island of Mull... which is not too far away, and which was invested by the Viking marauders.

My sticks fell down, and then recently they were thrown up again. Hey!
Like the residue of Mowing Madness landscapers!
John Deere industrial mowers and the clash of engines...