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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fast Day 317 July 6 2013 Birth Day Sticks

Birth Day Sticks

Wind and Trees

Standing in the streets of wind and forest,
awed by the tombs of the Persian Cyrus
and Artaxerxes, son of Amestris,
I throw sticks into the air
and watch them fall
as random wikiups,
naked of animal hides
or birch bark cloth:
the black divining sticks,
the ebon pilgrims of the cloud-walks;
fall to the earth as a fishing net
and I will be a fisherman.

 Martyrs' Bay

North of Kintyre, o’er the grey hills of Mull,
and above the waters of Martyr’s Bay,
below St. Columba’s monasteries,
I throw sticks into the air
and watch them fall
as Viking battle ships
covered with colorful shields
and spiked with swords:
to plunder rivers and treasuries;
they fall to earth as a sailing boat
and I will be a wanderer.

Our fate and fortunes are sticks into the air,
where we build our palisades and castles
in the clouds of our dynamos of wooded dream.

 Wikiup Under Melancholia


Life may seem random as sticks thrown into the air, but there may be a hidden pattern. We see futures in the patterns of the falling sticks.

I dreamed of Cyrus and his death and cypresses blown in the wind.

Someone mentioned Paul McCartney's birthday was July 5, so I began to think of Mull of Kintyre, which combined with St. Columba on the Island of Mull... which is not too far away, and which was invested by the Viking marauders.

My sticks fell down, and then recently they were thrown up again. Hey!
Like the residue of Mowing Madness landscapers!
John Deere industrial mowers and the clash of engines...

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