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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fast Day 320 July 28 2013 Traces Of The Past

 Hadrian's Wall, Memory of King Arthur

Traces Of The Past

Long barrows of memory
mark my own life meadows:
axes, flints, and roast  lamb
within a long hall of the dead…
and the abbey is forgotten
Benedictine founded in the late 12 Cee

Everything is now untouched,
where Arthur once held sway,
and Angesalus was his man,
within the long hall of the dead…
outer precincts of the church
and cruciform parch marks make me memorious!


late 12 Cee  = late 12th century, written  "late 12th C."

Angesalus  = Lancelot

Goodbye to an ancient life past, which soon will be only memorous to me through the "parch" marks in my
long-term m.


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