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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fast Day 319 July 21 2013 Maison Billy

Maison Billy

She hear the bird song
she goes and I come along
to the Boney Shwa:
pain aux raisins et café…
Billy’s place at Achigan, 
right near St. Hippolyte,
this side of the restaurant
named The Water in the Mouth;

Billy’s place is a model,
a model in a bottle,
or a painted ship within a frame
he stole from mama’s place,
taking it, laughing.
He told ma femme to come,
she and la belle-soeur,
get it before he die,
but he go too fast,
too fast.

from her nephews then she stole…
and they want it back, but they sold
the house,
the model house,
like a ship in a bottle...
In Achigan,
by Hippolyte,
near Ste. Adele...

Over the Rue de la Montagne
by the yellow house
where they sell eggs.
Je m'en souviens toujours!


Boney Shwa  =   Bonne Choix, a small convenience type market chain in Quebec

belle-soeur  =  sister-in-law

je m'en souviens toujours  = I always remember it

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