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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fast Day 316 June 29 2013 Death Skypes At Dusk

Death Skypes At Dusk

I met a young Halo game expert
he said, "My mother died last year, my mother died..."
We were fighting in the Halo amusement park,
lobbing video grenades into buses.

The sorrow and the void -
electronic arts mayhem
fighting, man, in an amusement park ?!

I said my father died this January,
and he wasted away into head and bones
my mother and I cared for...
but instead I felt an emptiness now
transit the entire universe...

like everything's a Theme Park where
everything that interacts is fraudulent,
and the simulated floors drop away,
and I got lovers weapon in my hand.

death skypes at dusk and noon:
we fight and text our brothers;
run through the amusement park of urns
where rest fathers and our mothers.

video games and sadness, and just a sense of Burke's Sublime.

The amusement park is featured in a cool violent video game.

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