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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fast Day 314 June 9 2013 I Am Running Home

I Am Running Home

In the tailings of the day,
I will not stop, I will not stay;
I am running home.
Full-joy will our meetings be,
when our hearts are free.

I shake the dust from my shoes,
and make haste when I’ve heard the news;
I am running home.
Way be quick, the way be sure,
when our hearts are pure.

On the shores of Beulah Land,
reborn I jog upon the strand;.
I am running home.
Well-shod are my tired feet,
and my stride is fleet.

Once gaunt, I swell now as a sail
prolific, I cannot fail;
I am running home.
Triathlete,  I run and swim
in my haste to Him.


A hymn for runners

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