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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fast Day 315 June 16 2013 Fathers' Day Morning

The Old Swigwam - St Pete Beach

Fathers' Day Morning

the garden was suborned by night
and filled with drowsy poppies sleeping,
all calmative with opiate dew,
crystalline in the morning sun,
like a Waterford web of drawn glass thread,
spun by the rackham fingertips of
deeply indigo spiderwort blue.

a bearded guy with protruding gut
walks back and forth on the beach,
his hand an amber beer bottle:
shaman drum, prayer wheel, rosary…
when I cut the weeds, he sees me,  and
I do not speak; when he mutters at me,
I shrug and say: tansi  etweyan?


opiate dew - an expression of Charlotte Smith  (1749-1806)

rackham - thin and elongated like finger in the sketches of Arthur Rackham

spiderwort - a type of flower my grandma grew... look at a picture of it.

tansi etweyan? - what are you saying?  I am not very sociable with people who carry beer bottles as their totems...

I just got this up. We were at the Island for Fathers' Day, and then at my mother's, and there are no internet hookups anywhere. I suppose I could have asked the neighbors...

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