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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fast Day 69 September 26 2008 {Screw Archimedes!}

Screw Archimedes!

There is nothing we can see,
and nothing we can do,
except to live and and breathe and choose
to make a better world.
screw Descartes, let's dance!

There is nothing in their words,
their is nothing in their eyes.
They preach a sermon filled with hate
and bitter ignorance.
screw Plato, let's make love!

The alpha perch upon a roost
and lord it kingly over
slaves cunning in their repose
waiting for their day.
screw Deleuze, let's dance!

The love of God is like
a keen poison in my blood
aphrodisiac titrate drip
I cannot sleep!
screw Maududi, let's shine!

Let our teeth shine
in mutually mad erotica
face to face and mindless of all else
smiling lovers!
screw Engels, let's embrace!

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