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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FastDay 371 July 26 2014 Fishtown

Leland, Michigan


A cosmic perspective I have none:
through a Beatrix Potter countryside
I drove north to Leland
in the Leelanau
for the July wide five K run.

To Heaven's pawn shops do I go,
to find duplicates of the textile arts;
and wander in antique stores
in the old Fishtown
for embroidered hearts I can not sew.

Lake Michigan has a trillion eyes
and reflects each star a million-fold;
flying images of fire lanterns,
burning like desire!
a new persona bold I'll try on for size!


finally picking up the pace again after selling mother's house and moving her and my brother's funeral.

so, the rhyme is

a,b,c,a  [L2:b ---> L5:x]

which means the final syllable, b, of the second line shows up somewhere (x = unknown) in the middle of the last line, also.
It's just a toy to play with.

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