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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fast Day 356 April 12 2014 The Big Fallujah

 Wild Hemp

The Big Fallujah

Marijuana is too easy
grows wild!
the slut of cancun
the whore of Babylon, and
the bitch of the Midwest drive-in movies'
snack-bar cantina where
we get ourselves a hit;
no one has respect
for a gift that comes so easy and
whose mystic pizzaz is trifling to uncover

opium is her sister,
you cut her, she bleeds fruity opaline opacity!

Booze is a real he-man’s buzz
takes sweat!
the farmers’ harvest,
copper kettle, and mashing tub,
a half hogshead for the manufactury:
small beer and the fat ale,
grinding malt and barley;
building the fire,
boiling, cooking, and adding
magic yeast to leaven life:
and burying in barrels;
industrial and assembly lines bev’rages
the fill the world with froth.

vodka is a skinny sister
who has a Broadway agent front for her!

Crack cocaine chemistry -
leaderboard! -
is the iPod high:
designed for restoration hardware,
precious gentrification of the crystal shell
that is the bold promise,
body shaved pinky swear,
and star of TV
Breaking Bad the sequel:
sound and fury hidden within
a mophie Juice Pack Air...

a sweet oblivion
and ending to
almost hundred years,
which began with Prohibition,
and ends with the Big Fallujah.


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