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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fast Day 357 April 19 2014 Dharma Dantò

The Veve (Sign) Of Ezili Dantò

Dharma Dantò

comb your hair
pull it up
and tie it with a colored cloth!

take a spoon
filled with rice
and pass it by your white, white teeth!

come to me,
and fill me with your husky breath!

ignorant of dharma,
what am I but a sailor
of your body's sea...

ignorant of buddha,
I am but a thief
of cinnamon and cocoa...
and maybe plantains, dates,
sweet mustard, fennel, and sweet potatoes, too!

Black Madonna as Ezili Dantò


The Revolution which created the nation of Haiti was inspired by the divine decree of the warrior love goddess known as Ezili Dantò who danced in the head of the great Haitian priestess, Cecile Fatiman, on that famous Haitian night in 1791, on a red hilltop, at a forest thicket in Haiti called Bwa Kayiman.

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