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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fast Day 360 May 10 2014 Jobby Nooner

Jobby Nooner

Young girls fill the trees,
climbing and sensuous kites,
forgetting their mothers for a while;
and foreplay falls down
like willow trees that seek
the slap of water.

Young boys' sea-weed hair,
tosses in the rhythmic deep,
sleeping like fathers for a while;
and excitement looms
like heavy flotsam driftwood
cruising on water.

Wake in the present!
Boys and girls together strand
themselves upon the time sands of today;
jetsam from delight,
beer bottles and broken glass:
watch where you step!


Jobby Nooner has to be Googled. It takes place where my family used to go swimming every weekend. That was many years before the Girls Gone Wild times.

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