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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fast Day 361 May 17 2014 Winds



Love is jasmine upon the wind,
lemon on the wind,
rosemary, orange-blossom;
love is sandalwood,
musky is the breeze.

Hunger is garlic on the wind,
lemon-grass breathe;
barbeque satiety;
hunger evanesce
into sweet clover.

Sleep is morphine pepper pollen,
blown on the wind
in the spring, in summer;
sleep is peppercorns,
and the film noir.

Religion is Queen's Anne's Lace,
breathing through the spaces:
white and indigo tzittzit;
religion is hyacinth
and the pheasant's eye!

Politics is tornado street,
the eye of hurricane,
sleet of ignorance;
hooded aconite.

All these perfumes anoint the wind,
wind four-cornered;
the same everywhere and place,
yet so different!
We are all Wind Riders!



tzittzit   =  the tasseled edge of the Jewish prayer shawl.

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