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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fast Day 362 May 24 2014 Economy Of Nuptials

Economy Of Nuptials

"We are to be re-branded..., " they said, faces shining.
"... although Sheila will keep her fam'ly name,
and I may hyphenate... "

This is how our son, John, informed us of marriage
upcoming, and they showed us the logo
designed for wedding rings.

Bespoke intertwine of vines and doves,
sun blossoms forged in gold,
the only gold,
the only bow to tradition,
the only touch of the past
from these Magi who refuse to
dismount their camels,
and leave their gifts
no need for gifts...

They did not register on-line, for there is a need,
for seed and venture capital,
this now their IPO...

entrepreneurs of a child, whose name was chosen
by putting her in the middle
of woven geometry,

parents at opposite ends... the family name
to be that of the parent to whom
that baby chose to crawl...

"Carpet kabbala!" I contemned upon hearing it;
"Shhh," she said, finger to my lips,
"Be not so bearish!"


The baby was placed in the middle of an oriental carpet, and the name became that of the parent to which the baby crawled.

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