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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fast Day 337 November 23 2013 King Of Yue Garrison Mountain

King Of Yue Garrison Mountain

The King of Yue Garrison Mountain
is traversed by a highway, all eight lanes.

The King of Yue looks at Xiang Lake,
and thinks rippled waters are his army;

he thinks the rarified mists of the dawn
are the great spirits of his ancestors;

he thinks the strong stems of the water plants
are staunch swords held by his noble soldiers;

Wind, water; wind, water, feng, shui; feng, shui;
what are the rights of the natural world?

Do they waves have heart, and the lake a soul?
Or compulsive winds seek revenge?

Xiang Lake is no warrior terra-cotta,
and will not sleep-guard the King of Yue!


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