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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fast Day 338 November 30 2013 The Yearling

The Yearling

gamhuin ruadh, a yearling deer, we saw;
sitting alone in the back yard,
the neighbors said that they had seen it, too,
alone, with neither buck nor doe.

staring below nuclear warning ears,
warning of the stark orphanage,
pilgrims to the undiscovered country,
awaiting all of parents born.

I saw him once again before we left,
all alone by the neighbor fence,
only the daemon in the root cellar
to protect him now that we have gone.


gamhuin ruadh  ::  pronounce as   gahv-ween  roo-ah    "a yearling deer"

nuclear warning  ::  a deer's alert head reminds me of a nuclear warning sign

daemon  ::  the daemon in the abandoned root cellar, which was covered by the tornado of 1984, is sort of the "genius" of the place.

I suppose this marks the end of the year in which my father passed away. I perhaps shared orphanage in a sense ( a state of being without parent) with the deer.

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