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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fast Day 339 December 7 2013 Strategic Irony

Old "Liar!" Wilson

Strategic Irony

the hearts and minds, the minds and hearts
we seek to win most serious,
nation building’s essential parts,
but not to eat: like Syria’s !

we’d love them to death if we could,
save them for a brighter future,
we rarely question if we should,
we just bomb, triage, and suture.

we do not love in Washington,
we have no love fest in D.C.
yet in Kabul and Pakistan
we seek forever amity !


The reference to Syria concerns a Syrian rebel - whom some of our leaders think we should support - who published a video of himself eating the heart of a Syrian government soldier.

The irony is trying to win hearts and minds, as we have stated since the Vietnam War, yet an impoverished friendship within our own political process:  we shut down government, yet we expect foreign peoples to live in an extravagant state of peace and love after we have re-built their nations !

Something is quite wrong-headed about that.


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