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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fast Day 340 December 14 2013 Oracle and Karma

Oracle And Karma

sit no longer, doomed ones, but fly to the world’s ends;
leave your homes and many malls, multiplexed, suburban;
the brain goes topsy-turvy, and genitals retreat:
the center does not hold.

rebels without cause will drive the chickie run panic;
Buzz, the Studebaker driving, leader of the pack,
comes to tear you all apart, no ammo in your gun;
memory towers: gone.

The shrines of your gods, were they not pitiless also
to Emmett Till? Your arbors bore strange fruit, did they not?
The first Thanksgiving gave way to King Phillip’s war,
asphaltic noose and bomb.


Reworking the first response of the oracle at Delphi to Athens during the Persian War.

stanza 2 ::  refers to Rebel Without A Cause, Buzz is the god of war in his Syrian chariot, or the Studebaker he drove against James Dean in the game of Chicken or "Chickie Run".

composed of my sapphics of 12-12-12-6

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