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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fast Day 334 November 2 2013 Closing The Cottage

Closing The Cottage

pale sienna, umber brown held in place
by the reddened shaft-like earth toned bunting
of old Anabella hydrangea -
bonneted ash-grey and spotted blackcaps;

I cut them down, dropping them on the clay,
and hear the distant boom of duck hunting,
pluck down an old nest of Philomela,
while the cost of winter fuel I reckon.



I am late with this, as I have been closing the cottage while doing things at my mother's home, as well as my place.

This is an experiment

Anabella is a type of hydrangea, the dead remains of its blooms are the ash grey bonnets, etc.
There is constant far-off gun noise as this is duck season.
Philomela is the nightingale.

lines 1 and 5   share the same long vowel in the final syllable, but not a rhyme.
lines 2 and 6   are obvious, as are lines 3 and 7

in lines 4 and 8  we have what I call a "long consonant" contained in the last two syllables, a "blackcaps" and a "reckon" which, by all accounts, should be a "k" sound that is a bit longer than the usual single "k"... twice as long just about.
The "ck" in "black" is one tempo, not two, so the addition of the "c" in "caps" gives the long consonant, sort of like
"black [pause] caps".

At this point, the "reckon" might be considered one beat, so we read it as two with emphasis on both syllables, reading it as  reck' - kon' 

I have been working on my poetry, also.


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