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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fast Day 335 November 9 2013 The Cooling Pond

The Cooling Pond

perfect Pripyat marshes, oh, 
the setting for a horror film;
college students spend the night,
came across the river,
in a dishwasher boat,
and on the other shore
there was the Chernobyl cooling pond...
and the dog did not bark…
so strange to see a cyclist,
and not to hear the dog bark,
and the students shiver.

a lot of bold mosquito,
whose bloody noses
spread the zombie parasite;
there dwells nearby a watchman
who charges forty rubles to tell you
that the mosquitoes are too thick,
and feed the dog a sausage
which could be your arm
when you wake up and hear
the dog barking
upon the river Pripyat

they invisible bark,
the childrens' silent cry,
the road of rock ruin

spread pandemic's news
in Russia we died in '98
and now we are immune



a student horror film based in Chernobyl.
some students spend the night by the cooling pond at Chernobyl

it is the anti-Yevtushenko

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