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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fast Day 333 October 26 2013 The Death Of The Television Age

Peter Finch in Network

The Death Of The Television Age

the clepsydra of Alexandria
was television in its ancient day,
when Ptolemy was still a gen’ral,
and Phillip’s son surveyed the Bengal Bay;

when Caesar seduced his Cleopatra
while boozing on the eastern Jersey Shore:

even then it screeched and screamed the evening
news that the Rubicon River had been breached,
Marc Antony had shipped to Actium,
or Pompey the field of Pharsalus reached.

We were born together,
and we shall surely fade,
as the Past carnivals to Future,
the world passing in gaudy atomic parade;

and we shall watch the future,
and the kings of the Lunar race,
reigning from Ganges to Yamuna
in a milky river way of space!

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