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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fast Day 248 March 3 2012 {Orpheus Ascending MLK}

Orpheus Ascending MLK

On Mardi Gras our sweets are lifted
onto floats of other-worldly panoply
where black Orpheus resurrects Eurydice
and sweeps her off her feet again
under the frown of Death,
who conspirator with God above
did punk Job with wiles combined
methodically graceful and deceit;
we again wend our way Sisyphaean
up the slopes of our work-a-day lives.

Everyone knows who Orpheus was;
singing in the church, corner of Trumbull
and Martin L K Boulevard,
by Barnabas Center, righteous miracle man
who cures blind eyes of abandoned windows
and turns the heat back on for widows;
his monuments being fruit trees in abandoned lots
facing the warmth of the southern sun
where he dies late in the year, and is interred
in the forcing bed of his new resurrection!

Spring around the neighborhood of Trumbull and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Detroit; promises of resurrection; I go to the Dentist nearby.

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