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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fast Day 250 March 17 2012 {Feast of Patrick}

Feast  of Patrick

my own
ancestors from Ireland
died aboard the ships,
and were buried on Grosse Isle,
obliged in death to kind Quebec.

my wife’s
people from Ireland; they
were decimated
but not abolished, setting
foot upon the Canadian shore,
like wandering saints of Colum's day.

the stars
above in the highest heights,
unsullied and pure,
go their way from truth to truth,
and do not hold compacts with earth…

… where we live
out detailed days  of discords,
unaware until
Padraic’s crozier came among us:
the head of Ireland’s piety.

play pipes!
play the reels for dancing feet!
sodden with porridge…
philosophy… and with heresy!
beacon of the West! Forever free!


Colum  - St. Columba, who left Derry to sail to Scotland and other places.
Padraic  -  St. Patrick

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