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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fast Day 249 March 10 2012 {Iran}

 Alborz Mountains in Northern Iran


“It is time for a strike”, he said,
“with surgeon’s skill about the head
of the devil ‘s theocracy…”
and here it was that he lost me,
for I had known him many years,
and we had traded hopes and fears
in the morning car-pool debates
where we tossed the course of states;
“You said the same about Iraq,
mix’d metaphors of awe and shock,
and when you thought the job was done,
we found that it had just begun!
So you called for even more
surgeons that we had before!”

 “Thousands of surgeons with their skills,
and homeopaths with herbal pills;
and it will be a bloodless bath –
so easy, let me do the math:
as Bush and Wolfowitz have said
as down that primrose path they led,
it will not cost a bloody cent,
for the oil proceeds will be spent
to satisfy our aggrieved claims…
but in case, don’t mention names!
They put the bombings on TV
at prime time hours for all to see;
and still pretend that it was good:
for country, pie, and motherhood!"

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