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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fast Day 247 February 25 2012 {Lost Gifts of December}

Lost Horizons and Times Past

Lost Gifts of December

There is a bracelet,
or a necklace...
rhodolite or rosarine...
somewhere between here
and the North Pole.

There are toy trains,
or siddurim,
Talmud black and smokey...
fallen in the snow
somewhere during Hanukkah.

There is an angel
or studda baba...
a knock comes on the door;
standing in suspense,
somewhere in Palestine.

There is a garden,
where birds sing Christmas carols,
secret paradise
lost horizon!

I'm getting ahead for the usual reasons. Poetry is a tough Task-Master.

rosarine  - I believe I made this word up; essentially a semi-precious stones used for rosary beads.
siddurim - books of prayers

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