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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Rai

I noticed a new icon denoting another friend has thrown caution to the winds and decided to go on record as needing a weekly dose of poetry. Welcome, Rai!

At this point, of course, we are all thinking, like, Wow! "Rai" sounds a lot like "Rra", and maybe we should say "Dumela, Rra!", or "Good day, Sir!"... or "Dumela, Mma!" or "Good day, Ma'am!" as the case may be.
I was running on the treadmill the other day and some exercise bunnies had preceded me into the exercise room, so they had the stereo blasting at a volume sufficient to expel gamma ray bursts from our galaxy at exactly 245.78 second intervals.
A song was playing. It was English first, then everything changed a bit, and it struck me maybe it was Afro-Beat music, for the language was maybe African... hard to say when you are pounding the treadmill and the bass is way up.
So when the girl who was playing the radio was leaving, she turned off the tunes. I asked whether she would please turn it back on, which she did. We chatted briefly about the music and the station. We mentioned the song I believed to be a type of Afro-Beat, and I mentioned it seemed that it was partly non-English, and she agreed.
Then I went too far.
Then I crossed the line.
Then I did the thing which makes me liable to be charged with harassment.
I said that I thought it sounded like Setswana, the language of Botswana... you know, used to be Bechuanaland or whatever...
End of that conversation.


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