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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fast Day 202 April 15 2011 {Susan Welcomes Revolution} {شوشانا ترحب الثورة}

Susan welcomes Revolution
in the month of Nisan:
she smokes without matches,
she drinks without wineskins;
when she cries,
she is not dieing...
as are we...
but she is creating the rivers of Eden!

Susan is a Visionary
in the Spring of the year:
not drinking from poisoned wells,
not eating of forbidden foods;
when she sleeps
she does not slumber,
as do we,
but remains vigilant for her tribe until dawn!

Susan is an desert shaman
in the April of time:
the scorpion of heart's desire
makes her strip off all her clothing;
when she loves,
she is not at peace,
as are we;
nightly hunts she leads with the campfire's greyhound smoke.

Susan welcomes revolution;
in month of Tammuz:
reflections in eternity,
encased in Persian mastic
as an ant
encased in amber:
but not we
who east of Paradise must live until all men be free!


the poem is about new life and new intuition and Arab culture and the events of 2011.



Ruth said...

I'd like to know more about choosing the name "Susan."

Montag said...

There is a very strange story behind that, and I'll have to think about it a bit.