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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome, Christophanie Julien and Coolguys

 A Bothan Poet-Soldier

Welcome, travellers, to the Peace Blog! The Only Fast-induced Visionary and Poetry site on the web that has lasted (almost) 4 years!
Many Bothans have died in bringing you these poems! The Elomim have mined, and the Drovians have transported these goods! The Echani have protected their labors! The Boltrunians sweated blood so we may sing these songs!
Even the bumbling Otolla Gungan attempted to help in the fight against Darth Sidious (... even from a young age he dreamed of ruling the Galaxy...)

Welcome, Coolguys and  Christophanie Julien! But... we shall not yet teach you to manipulate the midi-chlorians!


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