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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fast Day 203 April 23 2011 {At Brandon Plantation, Virginia}

At Brandon Plantation, Virginia

Slavery is gone
but its memory lingers:
potteries ceramic fired in indentured kilns
repeat great odes of naked Greeks and gods.
The childhood of our nation gone,
lapsed in wisteria laden alleys thronged with
anemone and adonis' blood and peony...
a ceaseless wand'ring along the James,
river of our quiescent madness
and river of sacred mud and sand.

The adolescence of the country past,
but still remember the gods and goddesses
who once learnt us with rose-dawn fingers
and lavender stamens and pollen feet!
In the adulthood of our discords,
the eros of our youth inspires!
We yearn resurrection again
and drop the stonewalls of our lives!

At Brandon Plantation along the James River, Virginia.

Life and the Hope of Resurrection defeat the evils of the past...



Ruth said...

Drop the stonewalls.

This is the start of my family, in Virginia. My dad was born and grew up there, went to U of V. His grandfather owned 88 slaves at a plantation in SC. He lost it all to Stonewall's bank collapse.

This stuff is in my very blood, not just my nation's. It's humbling.

Every day is new and fresh. We can be reborn.

Happy Easter!

Montag said...

Same to you! And we shall be reborn!

(It started out as "stone tombs", then was influenced by the memory of Stonewall Jackson...)