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Monday, December 31, 2007

Fast Day 30 December 28, 2007 {Iceman Hickey}

Iceman Hickey

There is a cadence and a beat
The foot goes up, the foot goes down.
The foot up, the foot down
Leg up, leg down:
Racing to a chevron!
Racing to a curb!
Anxiety to proceed is
balling up your feet!
Linear procession:
Motion, motion, like a dada
Like a master of unknown legs
Cracker jack of winter!!
Goosesteps in my heart!
Drummers on the street!

I pause and look and see the street.
My heart beats fast, my heart beats slow.
amphetamine recessional depleting...
The pulse abates, the tide is down...down...
Sudden: red light! green light!
Shimmering in motion!
Running for your life!
Spider master bojangles
stepping to a cakewalk war!
Eight-legged beltway drummer!
Like Hickey and the ice man
running to Harry Hope’s bar
leaving life’s cadaver behind,
like a painted whore.
Drink up boys and girls
from the mason jars...
crystal jars of wretchedness!
I know your pain...and more!

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