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Friday, January 4, 2008

Fast Day 31 January 4 2008 {Iceman Harry]

Evidence has turned up that fasting one day per month is good for what ails you...or what may ail you.

I think that if you combine that physical benefit with a good moral objective, you might come away with a "world's greatest" nomination complete with a small statue with googly eyes.

Iceman Harry

The size of curbs
is what disturbs
ya bum...
cut stone curbs were dif
ferent and purple granite
could see.
not sum harden mud
blinds my old eyes
miss her...

I loved tha bitch
ya cant say no,
I did.
she had a way
of cleaning and bitchin
cleaned up.
I used to see
thru this winder here.
dull dust.

When sun stumples down
the heaven's stairs
a hip
it falls thru tha winder
like a drunk crusade
and we
sit here
awaiting Saracens in Acre...
cursing tha booze!
no kick
no guts booze.

Tha Moon not seen since
we wuz sober, old acq
long time
no see ya! cold and sober
moon, no wonder we sleep
your time
Dunk dionysos beaks in
poppy blood and naked
veils fall
from eyes!

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