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Monday, December 10, 2007

Note on December 7, 2007

At this time, I suppose one might say something about the progress to peace.

The plans for Iraq envisage a long term presence there.
This will be a source of constant friction.

It seems almost as if we must absolutely crave the continued debasement and destruction of various peoples, such as that for which the Palestinian situation since 1948 provides a template and paradigm.

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Anna MR said...

Oh, Montag. The Palestinian situation, the ongoing sufferings of too many nations for little me to know or remember. It is all too horrible. And how much of it is my fault for not protesting enough, for allowing it to continue, for - de facto - benefiting from it, through lower prices of this and that consumer good or exotic foodstuff or whatever?

It's enough to send one round the bend, wailing up at the skies, in a futile and doomed demonstration. I need to stay sane, though, I have children. So I pile up more and more guilt on my name.