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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fast Day 27 December 7, 2007 {The Wedding}

The Wedding

She came to me with bed clothes
and bed coverings that were new.
our bodies were new and so our love.
our dowry was new things and old,
some good, some maybe not.

Bed coverings that are new
speak of the newly wed;
speak of the newly born;
speak of those gone away;
and speak of those who are free
from this slavery.

The coverings are like eye lids
anointed in egypt's desert.
the coverings are your lips.
take your dowered things along; take
the golden earrings.

Reflections in a gilded mirror,
burnished and cuprous multiply our number;
we are two, then three, then more.
we dance holding the mirrors of
marital increase.

She comes to me all new;
new as the bed coverings,
sewn with pictures of star and moon;
sun and birds, arrows and beast.
Her breast is a new pillow with colored beads!

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