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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fast Day 243 January 28 2012 {Adolescence}


Hitler was, like, the suicide guy
torn apart by dogs
his body scattered like a dark Osiris,
one part to each yawning country of the earth;
had a voice like a wolf, had a grey eye, too;
on cable, like, all the time
a total frikkin’ evil badass:
Doctor No with atom bomb drug needle,
waiting to throw into my hayrick.

Fight Club Bob stands nearby,
three hundred pounds
of self-improvement, self-destructive flab:
obese from too much yoga and playing catch-up
with meditation sessions
he had no time for,
and that Dalai Lama interview
he just recorded over
with the latest candidates’ debate.

My mother threw open
my closed bedroom door;
My teacher told me that kindergarten
kids no longer cry; the priest hushed me, saying that
I spoke my sins too loudly:
everyone could hear!
their steely faces began to melt,
they touched themselves in silent awe,
eye dilation on confessional jacuzzi!
leave fascist hearts behind!


hayrick = haystack

Fight Club Bob = The character Bob in the film Fight Club

jacuzzi   =   an odd word, prone to anagrams...........

What I'm trying to accomplish:
(1) interest in powerful symbols, lack of historical education (our education system), and new symbols based on the old ones not properly understood... (like, what does it matter anyway? Symbols are way too big for our little problems.)
(2) the feeling of being an outsider, like a large person - Bob - who was almost too large for Project Mayhem. He became part of Project Mayhem, which made him an official outsider to normal society.
(3) sex and guilt and redemption.


Ludwig said...

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Montag said...


Thanks, Ludwig. That is another facet of adolescent behavior of importance. And your own offering of history underscores my point of the transpositions of history based on old symbols poorly understood and passed along to newer generations.


Anonymous said...

Think Ludwig's comment is better than the original poem. Sorry.

Montag said...