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Monday, January 9, 2012

Fast Day 240 January 7 2011 {New Year's Street Eco}

New Year's Street Eco

It’s one week after
New Year’s laughter;
Spitting prayers: I once was paid,
but now I’m broke…
major depression with cognac and coke.
Colombian snort,
booze by the quart
that I stole from my parents’ Christmas:
I stole some money-
buy the drugs that killed my honey.
What day of the week?
I take a leak -
false zebra piss from once lion king;
I keep crashin’ late
in the day – some friggin’ ungulate!

I do not like this eco-system
where the dead-lights gather ante-mortem,
attempting to bring together and synthesize
reflections in dead men’s eyes…
and the Apocalypse was thirty years ago
when I began the ethnic cleansing of my soul,
and Death enzootic… snorts three lines…
of white and black extinction full!
False zebras on the plain
oppress my brain…
resident grazers of the street:
smoking, toking in the rain!


Sorry if this is unpleasant; that's what came up;
written about some people I know.

ungulate   -   a hooved animal,  used because of the nature of untended finger and toe nails.

enzootic - (veterinary medicine)  afflicting animals in a certain area  literally  " in - living " 
Four syllables: en-zo-ah'-tic


Anonymous said...

More real than unpleasant. ~Mary

Montag said...

When I re-read it, it gave me the shivers.

One of the people that I knew came to my father's funeral, and was drinking in the church from a 2 liter Coke bottle.