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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fast Day 242 January 22 2011 {When I Come Down}

Flock of Starlings

When I Come Down

When I come down, I land like youthful Saul,
who prophesied among the Sons of Prophets,
and did not then care for the price of cloth,
nor for the enticements of peace, and
still less the busy-ness of wars!

When I come down, I subterfuge hunting
eyes, and break Nets like a mighty ocean fish!
Leviathan balanced between the worlds:
returning and returning not…
not bound by air, unchained the deep!

When I come down, the opened snare of death
is set to dye earth’s green robe with my blood red;
I escape to the unmapped, roadless sky:
a flock of starlings’ swarming mind-
to dwell in freedom passerine!


Ruth said...

The refrain When I come down is cadent and powerful. Then to rise like the starlings (I've seen them in their ribboned flocking, so very wow), in freedom passerine . . . this is beautiful. I had to look up passerine, and it's great. The ability to perch, and simultaneously, to fly. This is what I want: to be like a bird, coming down, and flying up, in balance.

Montag said...

Thank you, Ruth. Reading your comments give me a flush of victory...

Ambiguous Girl said...


You have a new follower :)

Take a look at my blog when you get a chance!

Montag said...

OK, enigmatic girl,
ambiguous embroidery,
shadows of black-work
laid with star-silver.